Oil & Gas Due Diligence

Oil and Gas Compliance Review

Thorough Assessment That Goes Beyond ASTM

An oil and gas compliance review is a critical research tool for assessing facility/site permit status, environmental compliance status and enforcement status. When used in conjunction with other Banks services such as aerial photographs and an environmental database report, compliance reviews offer the most fail safe assessment of a site’s environmental risk.

A compliance review identifies issues that cannot be found on a database during the ASTM Phase I Site Assessment Report. It is strongly recommended that a compliance review be conducted before the purchase or sale of oil and gas properties, pipelines, refineries, chemical facilities, manufacturing facilities and gas processing plants.

Average turnaround time depends on the number of issues to research, the number of documents to review, and the number of facilities requested.

For more information please contact Joe Gonzalez or JB Bleckley at
joeg@banksinfo.com, or jbleckley@banksinfo.com.

Price: $95 per hour
Turnaround Time: call for quote
Delivery Method: FedEx / Lonestar / US Mail / Email

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