Permitting & Other Filings

Disposal Well Permitting Services

From business filings and franchise tax forms to organization reports and drilling permits, for over 30 years, Banks has specialized in expediting the processing of permits and filings through Texas’ web of regulatory agencies.

Decades of institutional experience and expertise has gained Banks a reputation for quality and fostered professional relationships that allow us to keep things moving unencumbered through all of the red tape so that we can get you what you need when you need it.

P-5 Filings

Probably one of the most important RRC filings, the P-5 is the foundation of all Oil & Gas Industry permitting in the State. At Banks, we understand the importance of getting and maintaining an active P-5 so that you can keep your operation running seamlessly.  Offering same day walkthrough service, we hand-deliver and oversee your documents through each step of the filing process for immediate results. Don’t let inactive well issues jeopardize your P-5 status. We know House Bill 2259 backwards and forwards. We’ll find solutions for your renewal that will save you time and money and keep your P-5 secure!

Drilling Permits

Got a rig coming and need a drilling permit? Not sure how or what to file for a spacing exception? Drilling permit get hung up with a problem letter and you don’t know how to fix it? With decades of experience drafting W-1s, proofing plats, troubleshooting problem letters and filing for field rule exceptions, we’ll make sure your drilling permit application flies through the RRC so that you have it when you need it!

Injection Permits

We consider this type of permitting one of our specialties here at Banks.  From application preparation through permit issuance, injection permitting requires an attention to detail and coordination of data that we pride ourselves on having mastered.  We are a one-stop-shop providing geologic, water and groundwater analysis, RRC records research, map generation, notification, hearing preparation services…anything and everything you need for injection permitting.

Waste Hauler Permits

Waste Haulers plays a critical role in supporting exploration and production operations in the state of Texas by handling the largest volume waste stream in the industry.  If you’re just getting into waste hauling, expanding your operation or simply needing to renew your permit, Banks can help.  We’ll get and keep your trucks running with our walk-through for date-stamp service which provides you with immediate proof of filing to post in your trucks while the RRC processes your application.