SWD Analysis Maps

SWD Analysis Map

Banks GeoMapping Solutions’ SWD Analysis Maps contain business intelligence vital to all SWD operators, including the latest information on SWD players and the locations of high activity.  Our off-the-shelf area map packages are updated quarterly and feature the latest data from each state’s oil and gas regulatory agency.  Key features include:

  • All Commercial Disposal Well (CDW) permits (Activated, Non-Activated and Pending)
  • Permitted injection volume and intervals
  • Last 6 months of injection volumes (water and skim oil)
  • Average monthly water injection volumes, skim oil volumes, and skim oil percentage by county
  • Non-commercial disposal well locations
  • Last 3 years E&P permits and completions by county
  • Rig count by county (latest available data prior to release date)

Each SWD Analysis Map Package includes a hard copy wall map and Data & Information Directory to supplement the map that contains SWD well information and volumes, SWD operator contact information, as well as other products, services, and information offered by The Banks Group. In addition to the directory, our SWD Analysis Map package includes the permit information and volumes in a digital table format, allowing for further analysis of the data based on your own requirements.

If you are in need of information more specific to a certain county or custom radius around a certain site, we can assist you with that as well.  We strongly believe that these maps are the best market analysis tool available to the SWD Industry.

Available areas include:

  • Bakken Shale
  • Eaglebine
  • Eagle Ford Shale
  • Permian Basin – Texas
  • Permian Basin – New Mexico


For more information please contact the Banks Team at 800-531-5255 or banks@banksinfo.com.