Water Well Location Data Research

Nationwide Water Well Inventory and Database Search

Identifying groundwater well locations is critical when detecting potential receptors to satisfy state agency regulatory requirements. Among other uses, water well database reports are a vital research tool when investigating leaking underground storage tanks, examining old dry cleaning facilities, or conducting oil/gas exploration activities. At Banks Environmental Data, we compile both state and federal water well databases and deliver an easy-to-read report.

In addition to current aerial imagery and a USGS topographic map, our water well inventory report also includes the following details:

Texas water well data

  • Well owner name
  • Well type & depth
  • Well completion date
  • Well location coordinates
  • Well identification numbers
  • Well driller logs (when available)

Click here to download a sample Water Well Report (pdf).

Searching historical water well logs in Texas

To fulfill numerous state requirements, all Texas water well location reports provide important historical research obtained from well logs contained within the TCEQ Central File Room. Our GIS experts meticulously locate and map out all historical water well logs in your area, producing the most comprehensive water well survey in the state. Driller well logs are included within each PDF report, allowing access to the original water well documentation and additional information when it is available.

Find out about our custom water well products for Texas Municipal Settings Designations (MSD).

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