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Identify past occupants of properties

ASTM E 1527-13 lists “local street directories” as one of the standard historical sources used to conduct a Phase 1 Site Assessment. The Banks City Directory Search offers a comprehensive review of these directories on any site in the country where available. Dating from the early 1800s in some areas, these directories provide key historical information on the occupancy history of a property by using a “reverse phone directory” in which the streets are listed alphabetically and the occupants are shown for each street number listed. Additionally, we offer comprehesive chain of title reports.

Banks Premium City Directory Search – The target address, address range or latitude/longitude is placed at the center of the radius and then included in the report  is all of the listings within an 1/8-1/4 mile radius. City Directory Searches can be conducted when you supply Banks with a confirmed street address, range of addresses, or latitude/longitude data.

Download a sample city directory report here.