Nationwide Chain of Title Search

Chain of Title Research and Reports

Ownership title information is useful in determining previous uses of a property when conducting a Phase 1 Site Assessment. A Chain of Title + Lien Search provides the ownership history of a property from 1940 to present.

Through our nationwide network of county-level abstract researchers, we deliver comprehensive chain of title reports and property lien searches for any site in the United States. A COT search from Banks contains the abstract of county index information including dates, involved parties, and recording information of conveyances of ownership.

Comprehensive property chain of title report:

  • Historical ownership to back to 1940
  • Document type & document number
  • Plat maps available upon request
  • Activity/Use Limitations (AUL)
  • Copy of current vesting deed
  • ASTM 1527-13 compliant
  • Grantor/grantee table
  • Environmental liens
  • Recording date

A standard chain of title review includes research findings and a detailed report. Instruments can be obtained by prior request only. The chain of title search is conducted when the client has supplied Banks with a confirmed address and current property owner name or a legal description.

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