Groundwater contamination and remediation in Texas

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When groundwater is contaminated in the state of Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has 30 days to notify owners and users of private drinking water wells that may be affected by the hazardous release. Since 2010, TCEQ requires a Drinking Water Survey Report to be included when submitting a groundwater contamination notification in order to expedite cleanup activities.

The TCEQ Remediation Division is tasked with overseeing remediation of contaminated sites.  If the TCEQ deems the responsible party unable or unwilling to clean up the contamination, cleanup responsibilities are assumed by TCEQ. Depending on the nature of the release, cleanup may be overseen by a TCEQ remediation program.

Common causes of groundwater contamination in Texas:

  • Leaking petroleum storage tank
  • Hazardous substance release
  • Industrial solid waste release
  • Municipal hazardous waste leak
  • Dry cleaner facility release
  • Oil/petroleum substance spill
  • Industrial/agricultural chemical release

The experts at Banks Environmental Data can help you fulfill TCEQ notification requirements.

Searching our water well database is a good place to start when preparing groundwater contamination notifications for the TCEQ. We compile all available groundwater datasets to provide a complete inventory of historical groundwater well locations. Our digital databases from the TCEQ, Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), and United States Geological Survey (USGS) are updated quarterly and displayed on a map of the search area. TCEQ historical drillers logs also appear on the map and are included in the water well report.

A Texas water well report from Banks allows the target site to be defined as a point, line, or boundary and displays water well points that fall within the search buffer on topographic and street maps. Water well attributes are listed in both table format and spreadsheet format in the report. We can also conduct parcel data research to find current owner information.

Banks water well searches include the following:

  • State ID (or grid number)
  • Owner name (historical)
  • Drilled date
  • Well depth
  • Proposed use
  • Location (coordinates in NAD83)

You may download a sample water well report here (pdf).

Please contact us for more information about our water well reports. We can customize any search to meet your specific needs.

Carissa Ries

water well expert

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