Lending services to non-profits makes me happy

At Banks Environmental Data, I have the opportunity to work on various environmental projects representing a wide range of applications for both public and private sectors. It is always a privilege to work on any environmental study whether it’s a new road project, wind farm, large oil and gas tract, or standard commercial property transaction. I especially enjoy working with non-profit organizations (NPOs) because the projects are unique and require custom solutions. Unlike many confidential projects, I get to learn about the organization, the goal of the project, and how our services can help accomplish the organization’s mission. NPOs, like many companies and organizations, often have specific due diligence requirements tailored to their own objectives. I specialize in customizing any product for any project. Working on NPO projects gives me the sense that I am member of the team working toward a common goal.

As part of this relationship, I also understand that NPOs may have restrictive budgets. I always strive to provide the most cost effective solutions for any project. Non-profit projects often have unique needs with more flexibility, which allows me to customize the products in a way that is more cost-effective than a standard environmental site assessment (ESA). Are you part of an NPO that needs to perform an ESA or research the environment? Whether you need to perform an ESA on an undeveloped property or converting an old landfill into a park for the community – we want to help you for all the right reasons.

Contact Banks or me directly if you work for a non-profit organization that requires environmental information. I am an environmentalist, geographer, data-geek, and often a philanthropist. We should get to know each other.

Jordan Schmidt environmental professional

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